Southern Lamps partners with pioneer UV curing lamp manufacturers to supply and distribute high-performance and superior-quality UV curing lamps. Our clients use these in diverse applications, and one of its most common uses is to efficiently cure inks in printing projects, such as screen printing, label printing, and plastics printing.

UV Ink Curing Solutions from Southern Lamps

With the increasing demand for UV curing technology, Southern Lamps is committed to continuously delivering consistent top-quality UV curing lamp products from trusted brands and manufacturers. These specialty replacement lamps utilize UV output to cure inks effectively, especially in demanding applications such as printing.

With the proper wavelength, UV light creates a photochemical reaction that instantly dries ink. The quick and instant process creates a uniform finish while strengthening the outer finish of the ink. Due to its excellent results, UV curing is very popular for printing applications.

Product Numbers of Curing Lamp UV Lamps We Offer

Below is a list of product numbers of the leading replacement UV & IR lamps commonly used for printing applications:

  • 13713Z/98
  • 13168Z/98
  • 13996Z/83
  • 711-2242
  • F7.170.0021/03
  • F7.170.0771/01
  • SM52
  • SM74
  • 7357918
  • 7355934
  • 7800924
  • 47694
  • 23918
  • I-1080-NA-3-210
  • 01-0024-02
  • S7250
  • S7098
  • UTE100-2688/Gallus RCS430

The product numbers listed above are in our UV & IR Lamp Reference Guide. We’ll check our comprehensive in-house database if ever you can’t find the product you need in our reference guide. It includes all the popular UV and infrared lamp types, so rest assured we can locate the kind of lamp you need.

Utilizing a UV Curing Lamp for Digital Screen Printing Applications

Digital printing companies are growing and expanding, so the need for a quick-dry process has become substantial. UV curing lamps for digital screen printing are an effective tool for quick and effective drying. The transition from traditional curing technology is evident, especially for businesses that deal with large-volume projects. 

Some benefits of utilizing a digital UV curing lamp for screen printing include:

  • Safer: No toxic fumes and expensive exhaust systems are required compared to heat curing.
  • Low maintenance costs: Curing lamps with UV technologies are less expensive to maintain.
  • Minimal evaporation: The quick curing process produces less evaporation for an outstanding and consistent surface finish.
  • Quality outcomes: UV curing enhances adhesion on the pigmented products and produces a glossy finish.
  •  Efficient and cost-effective: With the faster curing process, more prints can be completed in a shorter time, reducing production costs.

The objective of a UV curing lamp is to reduce downtime, thus improving productivity in your facility. It’s also more affordable than traditional printing systems, making it an ideal option to incorporate into your production process without investing a large amount.

Printing Applications of UV Curing Lamps

Besides using a digital UV curing lamp for screen printing, many other printing processes require UV curing. Thankfully, it’s a versatile process that can be used in numerous applications, including:

  • Flexographic printing: Used for high-speed label production and flexible packaging.
  • Offset Printing: Aids in curing high-quality prints for magazines, brochures, and other printed materials.
  • Wide-format printing: Effectively cures large banners, posters, and other graphics.

With the advancements in UV technology, Southern Lamps continues to provide state-of-the-art products from trusted UV curing lamp manufacturers. Therefore, you can always trust us to supply you with the best.

Trust Southern Lamps for Your UV Curing Needs

If you handle different printing applications in your business, it’s better to arm yourself with a reliable device to streamline your operations. With our cutting-edge UV curing lamp solutions, you won’t have to spend considerable time drying those prints.

Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer. You can also check out our product selection to find a lamp best suited for your needs.