At Southern Lamps, we specialize in providing high-quality color matching lamps and fluorescent lamps tailored for the needs of the printing, packaging, photographic, and graphic arts industries. Our range of viewing booth lamps is designed to meet the stringent standards of ISO 3664:2009, ensuring precise color evaluation and consistency.

Our product offerings include:

4′ Color Matching Lights:

  • F32T8/C50: Ideal for color critical applications, these tubes provide a consistent 5000K light source that aligns with the D50 standard.
  • TLD36W/95: These tubes offer excellent color rendering properties, making them perfect for high-precision color matching.
  • F40T12/C50: Designed for older fixtures, these tubes still provide the essential 5000K light required for accurate color assessment.

5′ Color Matching Lights:

  • F40T8/C50: These longer tubes are perfect for larger viewing areas, maintaining the necessary 5000K light for accurate color matching.
  • TLD58W/95: With high efficiency and superior color rendering, these tubes are ideal for demanding color viewing tasks.

Other Color Matching Lights:

  • FL20S/CW: A versatile option for various applications, providing cool white light. This light is 22.75” in length.
  • FL30S/CW: Similar to the FL20S, but in a longer format for larger setups of around 25” in length.

Our color matching lights are essential for any professional setting where accurate color reproduction is critical. These include color viewing lamps, viewing table lamps, and viewing booth lamps. Utilizing our 5000K fluorescent lamps ensures that the color you see is true and consistent, adhering to the highest standards of color quality and light intensity.

By choosing Southern Lamps you are guaranteed the best in fluorescent color matching technology, ensuring that your viewing conditions are optimal for critical color evaluation. Our products are rigorously tested and verified to meet the D50 spectral power curve, offering you reliability and precision in every tube.

Explore our range and find the perfect color match lamp for your needs, ensuring every color is seen exactly as it should be.


**Please note – some manufacturers are discontinuing some lines of fluorescent lamps. If your specific lamp is no longer available we will be able to recommend an LED/retrofit option**