UV Curing Lamps

Southern Lamps is a trusted supplier of UV curing lamp solutions used in numerous industries where varying curing applications are paramount. We offer UV curing lamp products of any size from pioneer manufacturers specializing in UV-curing technology. Regardless of your operation’s complexity, we can source a product that matches your unique project requirements.

What is a UV Curing Lamp?

UV lamp curing is a “drying” process that refers to the rapid drying of inks, adhesives, paints, bonds, varnish, and other finishing substances that are mostly UV-light activated. It’s a petrochemical technique that produces a byproduct to harden the resin when the proper UV light intensity is used.

Numerous industries are transitioning from heat-cured to UV-cured products. The reasons for this shift are that UV curing is faster, more consistent, and environmentally friendly than traditional drying techniques. In addition, the maintenance costs for a UV curing lamp is relatively low, and these types of equipment are easy to operate.

Benefits of employing UV curing lamps in your operations:

  • Better and improved adhesive bonds
  • Enhanced decorative glazes
  • For sterilization of medical equipment, surfaces, air, and water
  • Used to dry the surface’s outer coating
  • Reduced drying times
  • Minimizes shrinkage of original applications due to fast drying
  • Eliminates hazardous waste

Since UV lamp curing doesn’t require solvents, these devices stand out in functionality and adaptability. In addition, these are manufactured depending on the customer’s specific needs and are most efficient when it comes to power consumption.

The product numbers of some of our popular lamps include:

  • 7357918
  • 7355934
  • 7800924
  • 47694
  • 23918
  • I-1080-NA-3-210
  • 01-0024-02
  • S7250
  • S7098
  • UTE100-2688/Gallus RCS430

Numerous Applications of UV Lamp Curing

Diverse industries rely on UV curing lamps for various applications. These include automotive, medical, electrical, industrial, printing, and optical. Its versatility allows it to be employed in a multitude of industrial-grade applications, such as:

  • Automotive Repair and Refinishing: UV lamp curing is utilized to cure paint and primer for faster drying times, reducing production and increasing efficiency.
  • Medical: UV curing is utilized to disinfect medical equipment, instruments, and apparatus.
  • Printing: UV light is used to dry ink and coating on various printing materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, and fabrics.
  • Electronics: Electronic devices often require a protective coating that can be cured using UV light for increased durability.
  • Optical: UV-curable coatings are utilized in optical fibers for protection against decomposition.

More examples of its applications include plywood, lining boards, furniture, CD-DVD replication, label printing, and graphic arts. Besides that, it can also be incorporated into odor control and photochemical applications.

Choose Southern Lamps to Deliver High-Performance UV Curing Lamps

Searching for a suitable UV curing lamp for your application is essential to achieving a fundamental curing process that can save you time and additional costs. With numerous options in the market today, it’s crucial to choose a reputable supplier like Southern Lamps to provide you with superior products that can guarantee the success of your projects.

Contact us today to learn more about the leading manufacturers and brands we work with and can source for you. Our complete product selection perfectly fits your existing UV light application, from standard UV curing lamp options to specialty UV lamp curing solutions.


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