UV Curing Lamps

Lamps made to match high-quality OEM specifications and custom-designed UV curing lamps for all types of UV and digital UV curing equipment and UV flatbed printers.

We’ve got you covered on systems manufactured by AAA-Vujet

  • AAA, Addalux, Aetek, Air Motions (AMS), Alpha-Cure, Amba, Amergraph, American Ultraviolet (AUV), Amjo, Aradiant, AWT, AGFA
  • Baldwin, Brewer, Billhoffer
  • Cefla, Colight, Comco, Colordry
  • Delle Vedove, Dorn, Douthitt, Dr. Honle, DS Screen, Dubois, Durst, Dymax
  • Electech, Eltosch, Eye Ultraviolet
  • Fuji, Fusion
  • Gallus, GEW, Giardina,Grafix
  • HP, Honle, Hanovia, Heidelberg, Heraeus, Herbert, HOK
  • Iwaski, IST, IVT
  • JB Machinery
  • Kamman, Kase, Klemm, Kopack
  • Lawson, Liberty, Linde
  • Mark Andy, Metal Box, M&M, M&R, Miltec, MMT
  • Nilpeter, Nordson, Nuarc, Natgraph
  • Oce, Olec, Online
  • Philips, Polytype, Primarc, Prime UV
  • QLI
  • Research Inc
  • Sakurai, Sanjo, Sanki, Sias, SPDI, SPE, Spectral, Steinemann, Svecia, Superfici, Singulus, Sylvania
  • TEC Lighting, Theimer-Strahler, Theime, Toshiba
  • UVT, UV Research, Uviterno, Ushio, UVEX, UV Doctor
  • Van Dam, Violux, Voltarc, Vujet, Vutek
  • Wallace Knight, Webtron, Western Quartz
  • Xeric, XDS

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