Here are a few other resources for you to use. We found these resources to be very useful and wanted to share them with you.

We also have included some information and suggestions regarding UV Lamp Maintenance, How to Care for Your Lamps, and UV Lamp Troubleshooting Guide

Refer to our FAQ section to have some of the most common questions answered.

Need to order a replacement lamp? Check out our UV & IR Lamp Reference Guide. Don’t see your lamp listed or don’t know the lamp part number? Fill in one of these Lamp ID Forms so we can ID your lamp for you.

Questions about how your lamp is operating? Take a look at the Mercury Spectral Output Chart, Gallium Spectral Output Chart, and Iron Spectral Output Chart. Here is the MSDS for Mercury for your reference as well.

We recommend having a Mercury Spill Kit on hand.

Has a Southern Lamps sales rep asked you to send in a sample of your lamp so we can check the specs? Here is the Sample Identification Form to include in your package.

Did you know we also supply water and air disinfection/sterilization/germicidal lamps? Our UV Disinfection Brochure has more information on those lamps.

Take a look here to learn more about the other products and UV/IR Accessories that we offer.

Curious about what other applications UV is used for? Take a look at UV Lamp Uses and UV Applications and UV Woodworking Guide for more information.

If you would like to know more or for immediate help finding the lamps and reflectors you are looking for we are available directly by calling: 352-624-3026 or Contact Us