Southern Lamps is a leading supplier and distributor of UV and IR lamp solutions from pioneer manufacturers specializing in UV and IR lamp technology. With our background knowledge and expertise in UV and IR lamp systems, we have become a trusted source that handles global distribution through our extensive worldwide network.

Numerous industries rely on IR and industrial UV curing lamps, so we partner with businesses that depend on these specialty devices and equipment to support their diverse applications and operations. Thankfully, we work with leaders in UV lamp innovation, allowing us to procure UV lamps with the latest UV technology.

Industries We Proudly Serve

We work with a wide range of sectors that incorporate advanced IR drying lamps and industrial UV curing lamp solutions in their production process. These are designed to streamline their workflow and improve productivity, positively impacting their bottom line. Driving success in their projects is the ultimate goal, which we are proud to be a part of.

Printing Industry

The printing industry utilizes industrial UV curing lamps to speed up the drying process of different types of prints. The proper wavelength is determined so that the UV light can create a photochemical reaction, which is how it quickly cures the ink or coating. In addition, the ink or coating’s adhesion is improved, and it can achieve a more stable and glossy surface finish. Apart from UV curing lamps, some businesses prefer using an IR lamp for similar drying purposes. We also offer a broad selection of UV and IR lamps to cater to all printing needs.

Some applications of industrial UV lamp products include:

  • Magazines, newspapers, and books
  • Labels and stickers
  • Posters and banners
  • Packaging materials

Medical Industry

UV technology solutions are essential for disinfection and sterilization in the medical field. Utilizing an industrial disinfection UV lamp guarantees the safety of patients and healthcare workers. Thanks to the powerful germicidal properties that an ultraviolet light has, it can kill bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. With their precision and high efficacy, UV lamps are also employed to sterilize medical equipment, successfully preventing the spread of infection.

Besides sterilization, UVC lamps can also support numerous treatments, such as vitamin D deficiency. It can also relieve the drastic effects of psoriasis and other skin problems. Its innumerable usefulness in the medical industry is vast, allowing other sectors to understand the importance of ultraviolet in terms of protection.

Other notable applications of a germicidal and disinfection UV lamp:

  • Laboratory apparatus
  • Air sterilization systems and purifiers
  • Medical supplies packaging
  • Medical instrumentations and equipment

Plastic Molding

Plastic or injection molding is a manufacturing process where melted plastic is injected inside a mold. It’s one of the most commonly used manufacturing methods due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. IR lamps and drying are used for thermoforming and blow molding processes.

Some injection molding machines employ IR lamps since they have the same quick heating effects. As a result, the plastic can be detached from the mold quickly and retain its shape while cooling. Our IR curing lamps are powerful enough to cure high lead-time resins such as polypropylene.

Some examples of plastic molding applications include:

  • Automotive parts
  • Household appliances
  • Aerospace components
  • Consumer electronics

Sanitary Applications

The healthcare industry isn’t the only field that benefits from UV technology. The food and beverage industry also utilizes industrial UV lamps to keep production facilities sanitary while ensuring product safety. The hospitality sector also utilizes handheld UV lamps to disinfect hotel rooms and other common areas, providing a safer environment for guests.

UV technology has proven to be a reliable and efficient method of eliminating harmful bacteria and germs in various settings. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been more careful with the food they’re consuming and any public spaces they may frequent. With the help of UVC lamps, businesses can reassure their customers that they are taking necessary precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Other noteworthy sanitary applications of UV lamps include:

  • Surface disinfection in public restrooms
  • Disinfection of kitchen equipment and utensils in restaurants and food processing facilities
  • Sterilization of food packaging materials

Automotive Industry

Repairing and refurbishing vehicles can take a long time, especially if it requires painting a damaged panel. IR lamps are used in the automotive industry to speed up the drying process of paint and coatings. It can reduce production time, cut labor costs, and eliminate delays in the production process. 

UV technology is also found in automobile manufacturing, particularly in the bonding and curing of materials like plastic and glass. The curing of adhesive and sealant in these applications ensures that the total production time is shortened without sacrificing the quality and functionality of the product.

Additional applications of industrial IR and UV curing lamps in the automotive sector:

  • Paint restoration
  • Windshield repair and replacement
  • Tire retreading and refurbishment

Water Treatment

Water reclamation is imperative, especially in industrial facilities where massive amounts of water are used in their varied operations. Environmental regulations require these facilities to install wastewater treatment systems to reduce pollutants in their wastewater before discharging it into the environment.

UVC lamps are a tertiary treatment method to disinfect bacteria and viruses in treated water, ensuring it’s safe for discharge. It’s a non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical disinfection methods, making it a preferred option for many industries.

Water treatment and purification applications of an industrial digital UV lamp:

  • Drinking water
  • Swimming pools and spa
  • Aquaculture
  • Wastewater treatment plants 
  • Ballast Water Treatment 

Delivering Industrial UV Lamps with Quality in Mind

At Southern Lamps you can expect to receive superior-quality industrial UV curing and IR drying lamps for various curing and drying applications. In addition, our disinfection UVC lamp products are proven to be reliable and effective solutions for a myriad of demanding industries.

Whether plastic forming and printing, food packaging, or water treatment applications, our broad product selection has the answer that will drive success to your projects. We have the most advanced products designed to meet your needs, from fusion lamps to specialty industrial digital UV curing lamps.

Contact us today to learn more about our UV curing and IR lamp solutions. Talk to one of our experts and request a quote so that we can jumpstart your project with our exceptional results!


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