Printing, coating, and processing facilities rely on tools like high-quality UV curing lamps and infrared drying lamps to create consistent, long-lasting finishes. Southern Lamps has been serving these industries for over 70 years with specialty curing and drying equipment that incorporates the latest technologies. We supply our clients with different types of UV light sources and IR lamps, as well as complete equipment installation and field services. Learn more about our selection of products and services.

Products and Services

At Southern Lamps, we work hard to provide our clients with the precision drying and curing lamps you need to ensure a high-quality finish through an efficient, cost-effective process. Our products include:

Ultraviolet Curing Lamps

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps emit UV light bands in a targeted beam to quickly dry adhesives, coatings, inks, and other fluid substrates.

Polished Aluminum UV Reflectors

UV lamp reflectors can focus, enhance, and make more consistent beams of UV light. Polished aluminum is a reflective, cost-effective material used to accomplish this.

Dichroic Coated Aluminum & Quartz UV Reflectors

Dichroic coatings reflect specific wavelengths of UV light while transmitting others. They allow for concentrated drying at a lower temperature. Each reflector is made from aluminum or quartz lenses with a thin dichroic coating layer.

Clear Quartz Lenses

Clear quartz lenses allow UV light to pass through while protecting the lamp from debris.

UV Control Gear (Transformers and Capacitors)

With many uses for UV light, it’s important to have a controlled flow of electricity to the UV lamp, which in turn controls the amount of light produced. UV control gear components, such as transformers and capacitors, provide that control for lamps.

Exposure Lamps (Screen and Plate Making)

Exposure lamps are specialty UV lamps that can safely expose photopolymer plates and other light-sensitive equipment to the right amount of UV light.

Color Matching/Viewing Table Fluorescent Lamps

These lamps help technicians ensure color matching and color accuracy. The fluorescent lights provide consistent lighting of a controllable shade.

UV LED Lamps

Rather than using conventional bulbs, these lamps produce UV light through light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Applications for UV LED lamps include chemical detection, sanitation and sterilization, and curing.

UV Germicidal Lamps

UV germicidal lamps are specialized sterilization tools. The lights emit specific wavelengths of UV light that can kill or damage bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses to make workspaces and surfaces clean for food and beverage processing, healthcare applications, laboratory settings, water management sites, and more.

Quartz Sleeves and O-Rings

These are accessories for UV germicidal lamps. They form a water- or air-tight seal around the lamps to protect them in various applications, such as underwater sterilization or sterilization in cleanrooms and other sensitive environments.

Infra-Red Drying Lamps

IR lamps aid in the fast, consistent drying processes for adhesives, coatings, and ink across different media. IR drying lamps use infrared light instead of UV light. These lamps are energy-efficient and can dry materials with uniform and low levels of heat. This results in a shorter drying window and a consistent finish quality.

IR Dryer Parts and Service (Pumps and Flow Switches)

Southern Lamps also provides replacement parts and auxiliary components for IR drying lamps and units. These parts include pumps and flow switches, which can need replacement over time.

UV Equipment Service Repair and Installation

Along with providing high-quality lamps, replacement components, and other products, the team at Southern Lamps also specializes in providing equipment troubleshooting and consultation services for our clients. We also offer field work for repair and installation.

UV Products by Southern Lamps

Commercial and industrial businesses can use UV lamps across a wide variety of applications. Some of the most common applications for UV and IR lamps include:

  • Finishing applications: wood, sports equipment, eyeglass lenses/optical
  • Curing: ink, adhesives, coatings, varnish
  • Drying: ink and coatings, paint drying
  • Sanitation and sterilization

By using the right lamps, companies can speed up curing and manufacturing times by shortening processing windows and creating more consistent products. Southern Lamps is here to help improve your business operations with UV lamps for curing and drying, UV tools for sterilization, and the installation or repair services needed to keep everything running. Contact us today to learn more about the right products and services for your facility.