Looking for replacement control gear for your UV curing unit?

Southern Lamps can help with a wide variety of lamp power supplies:

  • Constant wattage transformers for ultraviolet lamps
  • Chokes: OGLI 2000w ST 160 380-415/50 100/50% ballast for European UV systems
  • Capacitors: 1.05mfd, 1.5mfd,1.9mfd and above at 2500VAC, 3000VAC and 3500VAC
  • Ignitors: Palmer PBE3500 for Honle, Metal Box, Polytype, and Uviterno equipment
  • Electronic power supply units

Southern Lamps Inc can help with other UV equipment and IR equipment parts:

  • Rubber tubing
  • Temperature sensors
  • UV lamp holder clips
  • Water flow switches
  • CP130 Pedrollo pump for IVT
  • Quick disconnects for Spectral, VTI
  • VTI replacement parts/service

“We supply a wide range of UV quartz cooling tubes for:”

AMJO, Baldwin, ColorDry, Haln, IVT, Nordson, Printing Research, Spectral, Wallace Knight…

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