Happy Thanksgiving

From your friends at

Southern Lamps, Inc.

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is the perfect time to be thankful for everything, including you, our customers! We would like to thank you for believing in our products and services.

Allow us to express our gratitude for having you as one of our loyal customers. This past year has been good to us, and we thank you for your patronage and for allowing us to be of service to you.

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you once again for your business.

-Southern Lamps Inc.

Customer Spotlight

What are some of you saying about us?

I wanted to take a moment to write a note of thanks and appreciation for the outstanding support Southern Lamps provides regarding its UV system products.  Your organization’s combination of high quality products, expansive technical knowledge, and excellent customer service enable Southern Lamps to be OT’s vendor of choice for related products.

OT values Southern Lamps’ ability to do more than “Take an order for our UV system products”, but understand our and our customers’ needs. This customer-driven focus is a key point of difference that OT values.

We look forward to being the recipient of continued great products and service.

-Daniel P., PA

FAQ of the month

  • What do I do if my lamp will not light or strike?

Follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that all of the terminations are tight
  2. Examine the lamp and confirm that the mercury is distributed between the electrodes. If the lamp has been stored on end, it is possible that the mercury has deposited behind the electrode and will not easily vaporize. Carefully shake the lamp from end to end to remove the mercury from behind the electrodes.
  3. Try to strike the lamp again
  4. Confirm that the power supplies are operating properly
  5. Please feel free to contact our technical department if you need further assistance

Lamp Maintenance

When routinely rotating the lamp, make sure that the wire leads are in good condition.  Check insulation on leads to be sure that it has not become brittle.   If using metal ended lamps, make sure the spring loaded socket has sufficient tension to hold the lamp securely in place.  Electrical arcs at the lamp end can cause damage to lamps, holders and reflectors.

Things to know:

End of year ordering tips and reminders

  • We are fulfilling 80% of orders from stock but there are some types that need 3-4 weeks to be made
  • This is the last week to order lamps to have them made within the 3-4 week window and delivered before the holidays
  • Please check your inventory to see if you will have any needs before the end of the year so we can make sure we have them in stock for you

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