Are the lamps you’re using now just not cutting it? Give us a try.

We service all types of industries and would love to assist you as well.

From cosmetic packaging, to banner printing down to curing paint on wood furniture we’ve got you covered.

Southern Lamps is not just another company for you to work with, but we align ourselves as a valuable asset and a partner. We identify and keep you up to date with the best solutions for the job and make sure that you always have what you need when you need it.

Quality is as vital to us as it is to you. Here at Southern Lamps we pride ourselves on a less than 1% return rate due to breakage and warranty claims for all our high quality UV and IR lamps that we supply.

Don’t be fooled by gimmicks and tricks. This is your business we are talking about here. Saving a couple of dollars now can and most likely will cost you exponentially more in the long run. You need to be working with a partner you can trust to deliver time and time again.
So, if you haven’t made the switch yet now is the time. Give Southern Lamps a try and I promise you’ll be kicking yourself for not coming to us sooner.

Your friends at Southern Lamps

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Are you selling printing supplies or servicing equipment? To add our UV & IR lamps to your product range call: 352-624-3026

Volume Pricing!

Contact us for your corporate or group purchasing UV drying and IR lamp requirements! Special volume pricing discounts available .

OEM Sales

If you are a manufacturer of UV curing equipment our technical team can offer full product support for your R&D staff which combined with our leading edge UV lamps, competitive pricing, and worldwide partners makes Southern Lamps Inc a valuable source for you to consider.

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