Spring Cleaning / Overstock Pricing

We are doing some spring cleaning and have some overstock lamps we can offer at discounted pricing. Replacements are available for the following items:

2022C8American Ultraviolet A94152ICBIST T800K 3HPrimarc PM7128
6856A5C-420American Ultraviolet A94651MCBKBA RA130-142Primarc PM7673
6865A442AMS V001507-01Klemm FM-1400001QuadCure S7128
6865A5CANA 170 D2+ 7570107-0009Liberty 2H102QuadCure S7673
6872A4CAUV23Mark Andy MA 615Sanki SAN 15241
7511A17CSD-2Cefa 6011000087MCTX2215Sanki SAN 20241
7514A17CSD21Cefla 1932 GaOnline 01-4024-01UVITERNO 090-2732
7516A2SHDColorDry CD1006P8905280UVITERNO UTE 11508411
7544A23CColorDry CD1006 HDPL 812UVITERNO UTE 4819/42H 100-2688
8042A64CColorDry CD1314PL 881 HDUVL2606
AAA A7516ALF12C26-1ColorDry CD2111PL 902UVLV507/175
AAA A8516A2SHDColorDry CD2116Primarc 010060UVT 2178-B2
Aetek 07-01250DL50121Primarc 010063UVT 3218B26
Aetek 07-01380EYE M06-L61Primarc 021110UVT 3218GLS08
Aetek 07-01678F07K-4-F1Primarc 201920UVT U1003392-422
Air Motions M000071Gallus R200Primarc 203710UVT U1003486-615
Amba AM2039XGEW 25338Primarc 203740UVT U1003486-620
Amba AM2587XGEW 29102Primarc 204020VZERO 085D
Amba AM2602XHA444/CPrimarc 205230VZERO 170D
Amba AM3052XHonle A65614NPrimarc 208890VZERO 50000959
Amba AM3087XHonle UVH4622-0Primarc 210290VZERO 500175
Amba AM3271XHT 9280Primarc 214780
Amba AM4299XIST M450U 2HPrimarc 219200
Amba AM4672XIST T1330K 2HPrimarc PM2587

Contact us today for a quote! Quantities are limited.

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