UV Lamps in the 3-D Printing Industry

Did you know that UV is used in the 3-D printing process? Stereolithography is a process of 3-D printing that replicates a computer designed template into a solid 3-D object using UV-curing technology.

“The stereolithography process first requires a 3-D computer image (typically a CAD file) which is then converted into a “sliced up” version with very thin layers. Inside the stereolithography machine, a solid-state 355 nm laser will draw the layers of the file onto a platform, which is suspended within a vat of UV-curable resin. Anywhere the UV laser beam irradiates, photons activate the photoinitiators and immediately cure the UV resin into a solid polymer state. The platform on which the polymer layer cures then lowers slightly and the UV-curable resin flows onto the top of the solid polymer layer. The laser then repeats the drawing process, building the object layer-by-layer until the final part is complete.”
The rapid-prototyping capability combined with precise dimensional accuracy enabled by using UV curing offers many advantages for a wide variety of applications. Practically any 3-D shape can be created and items include clothing, automobile parts, furniture, medical devices, and toys. Click here for more information!

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